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TUFFAK® HYGARD The Ultimate Security Product


Combines technology with the latest security glazing techniques for high level security and cost effective installation. Increasing violent crime, readily available weapons, and larger glazed areas in modern detention center designs have created a need for higher
performing security glazing materials. Sheffield Plastics has developed TUFFAK® HYGARD to meet this need. Consisting of multiple layers of polycarbonate or polycarbonate/acrylic with bonding interlayers, these

Tuffak® HYGARD CG375
HPW Level II Step 10
HPW TP0500.02 Level A Ballistics
(.38 Special)
ASTM F1233 Class III Step 12

Tuffak® HYGARD CG500
HPW Level II Step 12
HPW TP0500.02 Level A Ballistics
(.38 Special)
ASTM F1233 Class III Step 15

Tuffak® HYGARD CG750
HPW Level IV Step 31
HPW TP0500.02 Level B Ballistics
(9 mm)
ASTM F1233 Class IV Step 26

Tuffak® HYGARD BR750
UL Level I
HPW TP0500.02 Level B Ballistics
(9 mm)

Tuffak® HYGARD BR1000
HPW Level V Step 42
HPW TP0500.02 Level B Ballistics
(9 mm)
UL Level 2

Tuffak® HYGARD BR1250
HPW Level V
HPW TP0500.02 Level C Ballistics
(.44 magnum)
ASTM F1233 Class IV Step 38
UL Level 3


“None Tougher”, yet lightweight materials, offer proven resistance to physical and ballistic attack. Additionally, the relative light weight of TUFFAK® HYGARD laminates, combined with easy on-site fabrication, give you a competitive edge on remodeling or retrofit projects where timely job completion is essential.

Sheffield offers TUFFAK® HYGARD laminates in six levels of protection ranging from containment rated sheet to UL Level 3 bullet resistant material capable of withstanding multiple rounds fired from super powered handguns. All TUFFAK® HYGARD laminated products feature hard coated surfaces for exceptional resistance to abrasion and UV degradation and are covered by a limited warranty
against coating failure, excessive yellowing, and structural delamination caused by manufacturing defects.

TUFFAK® HYGARD® MS 1250 ballistic grade is a 1.250, 4-ply acrylic and polycarbonate laminate that meets UL 752 Level 6 rating for high speed multishot 9-mm (Uzi) ballistic attack. All Hygard products incorporate Tuffak ® polycarbonate sheet produced for high optical quality in security glazing laminates. Exterior surfaces have a proprietary Tuffak AR hardcoat that facilitates cleaning and resists marring, chemical and graffiti attack. Hygard MS 1250 sheet has a seven year limited product warranty against coating failure, yellowing and hazing.

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Security glazing. BR sheet is listed as Level 1 BR in accordance with
UL standard 752. This 1.25 barrier is ideal for banks, security booths,
embassies, and currency exchange stations where more protection is required.

Code ratings and Standards:
Meets the test requirements of Building Code
class CC2, ANS, Z97.1-Safety Glazing Material,
ANS, Z26.1-Motor Vehicle Safety Glazing Material,
Dade County Approval, Federal Specification
ASTM D 4802.

Maximum Continuous Service
Temperature: 170°F
Minimum Continuous Service Temperature:
-26° F (lowest temperature tested for
Ballistic Protection: Value: 9mm
Test Method: UL 752

Level 1: Available General Purpose.
Brand Names: Polycast MP 1.25

Abrasion Resistant:
Polycast SAR MP 1.25
Rated level 1 per UL 752. Sheet Size: 1.25
thick, weighs 7.7 Lbs/Sf., and can stop a
9mm, 38 automatic or any handgun with a
muzzle energy of 380-460 foot-pounds.

Level 2: 1.375 Thick
Standard with abrasion resistant coating.
Brand name Polycast HP 1.25
Rated level 2 per UL 752 sheet
Measures 1.375 Thick and weighs 8.5 Lbs./Sf.
HP 1.25 can stop a .357 Magnum and others
with a mussle energy of 548 to 663 Foot

Level 3: 1.25 Thick
Rated level 3 per UL 752. Measures 1.25
thick and weighs 7.7 Lbs./Sf. SP 1.25 is
a proprietary laminated product and can
protect against virtually all handguns including 44 magnum

Acrylic Sheet
Acrylic Sheet

Standard Product Offerings

ThicknessSizes [mm]Sizes [In.]Color
Polycast MP1.250”49 x 97”48” x 96”Colorless
UL 752-Level 161 x 97”60” x 96”
73 x 97”72” x 96”
Polycast HP1.375”49 x 97”48” x 96”Colorless
UL 752-Level 261 x 97”60” x 96”
73 x 97”72” x 96”
Polycast SP1251.250”49 x 97”48” x 96”Colorless
abrasion resistant61 x 97”60” x 96”
UL 752-Level 173 x 97”72” x 96”
POLYCAST SAR SP1.2548 x 96”Colorless
UL Level 3

Some sheets have overage 1” on width and 1” on length which results in 1 extra
square foot per 48” x 96” sheet.

Bullet Resistant Clear Acrylic

Clear Acrylic that is UL Rated Bullet Resistant

Acrylic Sheet

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