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High Performance Plastics | Polyethylene



The family of polyethylenes vary in molecular weigh, or densities. and exhibit varying degrees of properties. Other than UHIMW, the main types of polyethylene are LOPE & HOPE:


LDPE offers chemical resistance, flexibility, translucency. and good thermoformability. Sheets are available “as extruded” or “stress relieved”, In stress relieved, heat is applied after the extrusion process, thus providing a flatter sheet.


  • Lightweight.
  • Good impact resistance
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easily cleaned

The main difference between ow density and high density polyethylene is ow density’ flexibility. The main application for LDPE sheet is prosthetic devices. Most of these are either drape formed or vacuum formed.

Typical Applications:
Prosthetic Devices.
Vacuum Formed Parts
Fabricated Parts


High Density (HDPE)

High Density (HDPE)

Representing the largest portion of our polyethylene business, high density polyethylene has a variety of ‘applications within many different industries. This product is available in both extruded (upto 1 thick) and pressed sheet from 1-1/4 through 4 thick. Available in natural & black Our standard HOPE offering is smooth on both sides. The following pages feature cutting board and Star Board with curable textured finish.

High Density (HDPE)
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


(UHMVV-PE) exhibits the best properties of all the polyolefin family. Among fs excellent properties are

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Excellent lubricity
  • High impact strength
  • Zero moisture absorption
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • USDA, FDA/NSF compliant

The lubricity and abrasion resistance provide many of the applications for UHM. Conveyor guide rails, chain wear guides, bushings, rollers, and noise abatement impact plates are prime candidates for UHMW. Because of its natural white color tis used extensively in the food and pharmaceutical industries. UHMWY can be modified with various fillers, including ceramic and ail. LHW is also available using reprocessed resins.

Other UHMW Shapes Available

  • Square bar
  • Angles
  • Dog bone
  • Rectangular bar
  • UChannels
  • Tubular bar
  • clip on shapes
Design Board

DesignBoard® HDPE

Vycom’s … product has superior performance. Unlike wood or metal alternatives, our products will not rust,corrode, rot, delaminate, or splinter.

Marine Board

Marine Board

King StarBoard® … withstand(s) the constant punishmentof the sun, water and weather in harsh marine environments. & Seaboard® Endurabond®
features a course surface which provides optimal adhesion characteristics, and the product is engineered to have high screw retention. ENDURABOND ® will not rot, warp, rust, delaminateor splinter.

Color Board

ColorCore & ColorBoard®

Engravable polymer sheet for outdoor signage, tool areas,parks, playgrounds, pictograms and other applications.

Cutting Board

Cutting Board

durable, lightweight, non-absorbentand resistant to chemicals. High Density Polyethylene is analternative to wood, metal, ceramic etc. for your kitchen orworkstation.