Polyolefin Plate (HDPE, LDPE, UHMW, etc.)

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  • Polyethylene Sheet

    Polyethylene Sheet

    Available in 2 shades

    Polyethylene sheet is available in high density (HDPE) and low density (LDPE). Both HDPE and LDPE are easily machined and meet USDA, FDA and NSF compliance. More»

  • Polypropylene Sheet

    Polypropylene Sheet

    Available in 4 shades

    Polypropylene sheet offers outstanding chemical resistance for use in anti-corrosive environments. PP sheet is readily available in natural (milky white), white which is opaque to avoid color inconsistencies, and black. Colors are available in larger quantities. More»

  • PVC Plate

    PVC Plate

    Available in 3 shades

    PVC Plate is available in Type I, Type II and CPVC. Type I PVC sheet is chemically and corrosive resistant sheet that is easily fabricated and welded. CPVC Sheet is a versatile substrate that has high heat stability and superior chemical resistance. More»

  • Ultra High Molecular Wieght (UHMW) Plate

    Ultra High Molecular Wieght (UHMW) Plate

    Available in 2 shades

    Ultra High Molecular Weight or UHMW Polyethylene is a superior wear resistant product and is chemical and corrosive resistant sheet with a low coefficient of friction. UHMW is self-lubricating, offers high abrasion resistance and is USDA and FDA compliant. UHMW is readily available in natural (white) and black, colors can be manufactured for specialty applications. Other formulations include; glass filled, oil filled, ceramic filled, UV capped, anti-static, flame retardant. More»