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  • Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

    Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

    Available in 1 shades

    Bullet-resistant polycarbonate sheet can withstand both impact and gunfire. Multiple levels of ballistic protection are available, Level I, Level II and Level 3 in a variety of sheet sizes. Bullet-resistant polycarbonate sheet will not “spider web” or spall, preserving full visibility which can be vital for responses to an incident. More»

  • Hygard Containment Grade Clear Polycarbonate

    Hygard Containment Grade Clear Polycarbonate

    Available in 1 shades

    Containment grade polycarbonate or CG polycarbonate, is a security glazing substrate made of layers of very high impact polycarbonate with an abrasion resistant coating. This coating protects from abrasion caused by everyday and contact and cleaning. CG polycarbonate is available in .375, .500, and .750 thicknesses and meets many criteria for physical attack ratings. More»

  • Clear Polycarbonate Hurricane Protection Panels

    Clear Polycarbonate Hurricane Protection Panels

    Available in 1 shades

    Clear polycarbonate hurricane panels are a lightweight, easy to install, extremely high impact replacement for standard aluminum panels. Polycarbonate hurricane panels retrofit easily over aluminum shutters and offer light inside the home during tropical storms. Polycarbonate hurricane panels as manufactured by Transparent Protection Systems meet approval for ICC, TDI, Florida Building code and Miami-Dade County. More»

  • Clear Polycarbonate Mirror

    Clear Polycarbonate Mirror

    Polycarbonate mirror is the highest impact mirror made. Polycarbonate mirror offers excellent heat and flame resistance and is extremely light weight versus glass. More»

  • Mutliple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

    Mutliple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

    Available in 2 shades

    Multiwall polycarbonate sheet combines the excellent impact strength of polycarbonate with excellent thermal insulating values. This lightweight attractive substrate is used primarily for roofing, glazing and car ports. Multiwall polycarbonate is readily available in clear, bronze, and opal and colors are available for larger applications. More»