Light-Diffusing Polycarbonate Sheets

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  • Polycarbonate Sheet

    Polycarbonate Sheet

    Available in 5 shades

    Polycarbonate sheet offers incredible impact resistance, great thermal properties and is UV stabilized. Trade names for polycarbonate sheet are Lexan, Makrolon (formerly Hyzod), Tuffak, Palsun. and Ultratuf. Polycarbonate sheet is available as general purpose grade in clear, white, bronze, gray and black. It is available with textured finishes, matte, non-glare, pebble, enhanced UV protection and others. More»

  • Polycarbonate Patterned Sheets

    Polycarbonate Patterned Sheets

    Available in 2 shades

    Polycarbonate is available with several patterns. Polycarbonate matte finish is available in two grades of matte (sign grade and mechanical grade). The most common type of patterned polycarbonate is a pebble pattern sometimes called Protect-A-Glaze. The pebble patterned polycarbonate allows light to pass with out being able to see through the sheet. Pebble polycarbonate is readily available in clear and bronze; other colors can be manufactured for larger requirements. More»