Acrylics for the Lighting Industry

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  • Acrylite Crystal Ice Clear Acrylic

    Acrylite Crystal Ice Clear Acrylic

    Available in 4 shades

    ACRYLITE® Crystal Ice acrylic sheet has a substantially textured, frosted surface that diffuses light to enhance your design options and backlit applications. Its cool frosted surface resists fingerprints and is easy to clean. ACRYLITE® Crystal Ice sheet, with its crystal clear edge, has the appearance of etched glass. Available in size 49” x 97” and thicknesses: .118” .177” .236” .354”. Colors: Colorless, glass green, blue, 2 shades of white, and black. Frosted surface available on one side (SC) or both sides (DC). More»

  • Acrylite Clear Endlighten

    Acrylite Clear Endlighten

    Available in 1 shades

    ACRYLITE® EndLighten acrylic sheet accepts light through its edge and redirects it to the surface for bright, uniform illumination. Grade L: For application widths up to 24" 
    available in .157" (4 mm) .236" (6 mm) .315" (8 mm). Grade XL: For application widths up to 51" 
    available in .157" (4 mm) .236" (6 mm) .315" (8 mm) .394" (10 mm). Grade XXL: For application widths up to 78" . Available in .315" (8 mm), .394" (10 mm), 49" x 97" (1245 x 2464 mm), 80" x 120" (2050 x 3050 mm) More»

  • Infra Red Transimitting Acrylic

    Infra Red Transimitting Acrylic

    Available in 1 shades

    IRT acrylic is a black cell cast acrylic sheet that blocks all visible light as well as UV light while still allowing the infrared wavelength to pass through the sheet. More»

  • Colored Acrylic for Lighting Using LED

    Colored Acrylic for Lighting Using LED

    Available in 8 shades

    Most commonly know as Optix LD or Acrylite Signflex which is currently available only in white. Allows for equal dispersion of LED lights which eliminate "hot spots". Hot spots are the appearance of bright spots that can be seen through standard acrylic. Optix LD is available in 7 colors: red 2283, red 2157, and red 2793, orange 2119, yellow 2037, blue 2114, and blue 2050, as well as white 2447 and white 7328. More»

  • Patterned Acrylic

    Patterned Acrylic

    Available in 2 shades

    to be deleted More»